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Webinar : How to start an online audiobook library?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

We'll tell you all about audiobooks, managing an online audiobook library and what solutions Sensotec offers for your organization/library.

Do you have a lot of audiobooks in your offering and are you still distributing them only by CD? Then you know that this is a very intensive and laborious way to distribute audiobooks. Get your library ready for the future and offer audiobooks online to your visually impaired readers or readers with a reading disability ex. Dyslexia.

In this webinar, we will tell you more about DAISY and DAISY books. Also how to set up a

DODP server for managing your audiobooks online and what solutions Sensotec offers to handle this professionally. We provide with 'SensoReader' both solutions for large and small libraries and organizations. Only server solutions, or with a specific app.

We present some case studies so you get practical examples as well.

Finally, we explain our approach. How we guide projects from A to Z so you can finally approach your readers with a professional offer.


Table of content

  • How to create an audiobook library?

  • One-stop shop for audiobook solutions

  • Projects

  • How Sensotec will realize your project?


Follow this webinar - ZOOM

Link: coming soon

We are confident that this webinar will give you a lot of new information that you can get started with right away!

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