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3 Server solutions
to distribute your
audiobooks online

Why does your organisation still offers audio books and Daisy publications on CD? 


Do you represent an audiobook library and want to offer your readers access to an online bookshelf?

Does your organisation have a nice selection of talking books on CD, but you want to offer them via the Internet too?

Then Sensotec's SensoReader online audiobook server service is the solution for your organization.

A server solution for each project

Discover how

Worldwide, Sensotec helps organizations and libraries to offer their audiobooks to readers with a reading disability .

How can we help you?

Because audiobook providers vary widely,

Sensotec offers you 3 types of server solutions to choose from.

Your ideal solution depends on your capabilities and expectations when offering audiobooks online.

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Our clients:

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Our server solutions
Dedicated DAISY server

For audiobook libraries with a very large range of audiobooks and many readers who want to distribute their audibooks via the powerful Sensotec server.

Here, the customer/organization itself is in charge of developing the app that readers can use.

The dedicated server is set up and managed specifically for this organization by Sensotec.

Dedicated DAISY server + branded app

For audiobook libraries with a very large range of audiobooks and many readers who want to distribute their audibooks via the powerful Sensotec servers.


The branded app which makes the audio files accessible is developed by Sensotec, completely customized for the customer.


Together with the customer, we write a roadmap with the specific app functionalities and design requirements.

Shared DAISY server

+ SensoReader app

For small audiobook libraries with a limited range of audiobooks and limited number of readers.


DAISY books are offered via a shared DODP server and via the SensoReader app to readers. As a result, the cost is lower.


Admittedly, no additional features or personalization are possible.

DAISY stands for 'Digital Accessible Information System'. It is a worldwide standard for audiobooks for people with reading difficulties: blind or visually impaired people, or people with reading disabilities such as dyslexia.

The advantage of a Daisybook over a regular audiobook is that the reader has a real book experience.

He can browse, bookmark, set the reading speed, navigate between chapters,...

Daisybooks can be listened to in different ways. With an audiobook player or DAISY player, or via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

What are DAISY books?

Video :
What are DAISY books and how can you distribute them online?

What is a good server for audiobooks?

An audiobook server is a place where audiobooks are collected and offered to readers. Their reading history remains secret.

Sensotec specializes in professional DODP servers. A DODP server complies with the "Daisy Online Delivery Protocol" for distributing online books.


Because many users use this kind server at the same time, it must be powerful and fast.

For large organizations with a large range of audiobooks and many users, it is necessary to set up a 'dedicated server'. This provides the necessary space and power to efficiently serve the readers.


Per organization, 1 server is provided which is fully equipped according to the wishes and needs of the customer. Our experts work with the customer to set up the server. Once live, Sensotec will closely monitor and optimize the server.

The customer can then choose to develop the corresponding app himself or call upon the experts at Sensotec to set up this branded app.

For small organizations, with a limited range of audiobooks, Sensotec now offers the option of joining the SensoReader Shared DAISY server.


This avoids the significant cost of having your own server. Combined with the SensoReader app, the audiobooks become available to readers without high costs for the organization.


Personalization and specific functionalities are not possible in this type of server solution. 

With a SensoReader server you offer a realiable
online platform to your readers.

A personalized or 'Branded' app

Large organizations and/or libraries can supplement their 'dedicated server' at Sensotec with a branded app to give their readers access to their audiobooks.

The app is fully customized:

  • Participation in the roadmap for development

  • Designed in your look-and-feel

  • Possibility of tailor-made features

  • Tailored to the latest technology, always up-to-date

  • Optimized for VoiceOver,
    TalkBack and Braille

  • Built by an experienced
    team of developers

These customers came before you

Swedish Agency for Accessible Media 

MTM, the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, has launched its final version of the Legimus app in the Google and Apple app stores. Legimus is the MTM branded version of the Online Daisy app for reading accessible books on smart phones and tablets - both Apple and Android.

Using Legimus, MTM patrons can search for books in their 100.000 title catalogue and lend books directly from the app. Legimus then provides the option to read books online or offline. Also, over 60 newspaper titles are available from the app using built-in computer speech.

The ideal
solution for ...


People with reading disability

People with low vision and blind people of reading difficulties like dyslexia, can use app connected to a SensoReader server if they are a member of an audiobook library that works with the SensoReader server. 

This way they get easy acces to books, newspapers and magazines.


Libraries all over
the world

Libraries around the world who want to offer their readers access to their online Daisy books will find an ideal solution in these server solutions.


This way readers with reading disabilities will be able to access the best of their library,  without the hassle of CD distribution.


Institutes and organizations for people with a reading disability

Institutes and organizations for visually challenged people or people with ex. dyslexia can offer their members acces to books, magazines and newsletters via online adiobooks.

With the SensoReader app we make this possible even for smaller organisiations worldwide.

I want to know everything about these server solutions.

Send your contact info to our sales department and they will get in touch with you.

Sales woman explaining daisybox audiobook player to visually impaired man
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