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Blind man using Orcam Read stand

Stand for
Orcam Read

Hands free reading with Orcam Read

Do you like using the Orcam Read, but find it annoying that you have to hold it all the time? 
Then the Orcam Stand is something for you?

This clever stand optimally positions the Orcam Read in relation to the document without you holding it.

What is "Orcam Read"?

Orcam Read is a small, portable pocket-sized device that you hold in your hand or place in the matching tripod. When you point at a text with the Orcam Read, it reads that text aloud.

The tripod eliminates the need to aim and leaves your hands free. This allows you to easily access printed material, such as packaging, newspapers, documents,...


Sensotec strongly believes in the capabilities of the Orcam Read, but noted that users need a stable and user-friendly solution to use the device as a full-fledged reading device. 

Therefore, Sensotec developed a custom tripod for the Orcam Read.

The Orcam Read tripod is the ideal solution for both visually impaired and blind users of the Orcam Read. In this way, the Orcam Read becomes a hands-free reading device.

Innovative solution

"Thanks to this tripod, I can use my Orcam Read for longer periods of time. Handy when I want to listen to a magazine".

- Cécile, 68y

The Orcam Read Stand
guides you 

Easy to use

  • Portable, only 475g

  • Foldable, 29 cm

  • Hands-free use


  • Useful for those who cannot see (enough) to aim

  • Adjustable to personal preference

  • Camera is always correctly aimed, full A4 in view


Check out our stands

Orcam Read Stand Light
  • The Orcam Read camera is always correctly positioned without the user having to aim itself.

  • The text is placed on the table against the base of the stand, so the camera always detects the full A4 page.


With the addition of the stand, the Orcam Read becomes a true hands-free reading device.

Orcam Read Audio Stand
  • Bluetooth speakers & rechargeable battery

  • The Orcam Read camera is always correctly positioned without the need to aim yourself

  • you enjoy a better sound experience.

  • The speakers of the Audio Stand are paired with the Orcam Read via bluetooth and give a fuller, more direct sound.

  • The rechargeable battery in the stand not only powers the speakers but also charges the Orcam ReadFull charging takes 3 hours.


With the addition of the Audio Stand, the Orcam Read becomes a full-fledged reading device that you can use hands-free.

The ideal solution for ...


Visually impaired people

Both people with low vision and blind people can use the Orcam Read stand easily. There is no need to aim the document.



Distributors of assistive devices

Resellers of the Orcam Read offer their customers a complete solution when combining with this stand.


Libraries all over
the world

Libraries who offer the Orcam Read to their readers make this device more accissible with the Orcam Read stand.

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