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Young visually impaired woman

Go-box+ magnifies and reads TV subtitles out loud!

For elderly and visually challenged people
Improves readability of TV subtitles
Less eyestrain

Go-box+, makes watching TV enjoyable again

Elderly and visually challenged people notice that their eyes no longer allow them to read TV subtitles. Therefore, the Go-box+ is the ideal solution because it magnifies subtitles up to 2x and reads all subtitles out loud.

With the spoken menu the user can adjust the magnification, color contrast and font of the subtitles. Also the reading speed and sound level are adjustable according to preference. 

Go-box packshot
Woman watching TV with magnified TV subtitles
Choose the reading speed, voice and volume
For TV, streaming (Netflix), DVD,...
Connects (wirelessly) with
Bluetooth headset

Makes TV subtitles accessible

Improves the readability of subtitles
  • Better contrast:
    black background/white text,
    black background/ yellow text, ...

  • Stepwise magnification up to 200%

  • Several fonts to choose from

Reads subtitles out loud
  • Choose the reading speed en volume

  • Choose the reading voice

  • Choose the language

Go-box with magnified and spoken subtitles
Visually impaired man with Go-box for magnified and spoken subtitles



You want to offer the 
Go-box+ to your clients?

Contact us for more details.


The Go-box+ does not require internet access during operation, only during initial installation.


The device is connected between the decoder and the television. After installation, it magnifies and reads all TV subtitles out loud.
When zapping, the Go-box+ switches automatically.


  • Television with HDMI

  • Decoder with HDMI

  • Go-box+

  • Remote control Go-box+


It doesn't matter if one is watching a live program, DVD, streaming channels such as Netflix or delayed viewing.

After installation and set-up the Go-box+ magnifies and reads all TV subtitles out loud as they appear.

Listen to the read-aloud voice via headset (Bluetooth), TV audio or the webbox.


​Every user is different, therefore tailoring the Go-box+ to the specific needs of the user is very simple and comprehensive.

From the spoken menu, the user can customize these elements:

  • Magnification up to 2x

  • Improve color contrast

  • Various fonts

  • The language

  • The reading spead

  • The sound level seperate form the TV audio

Once set, these settings remain each time the TV is turned on.

How it works


The Go-box+ continuously analyzes the TV signal and then reads the subtitles as they appear on the TV. 

Go-box_magnified and spoken tv subtitles

Future proof

The Go-box+ can be connected to the Internet for updates and possible future enhancements. However, no Internet is required for the Go-box+ to magnifie or read the subtitles aloud.

The Go-box+ is can be purchased as a final product, but can also be the upgrade of the Vo-box with the Go-box or vice versa.

For more information about
the Vo-box, click here.


For more information about
the Go-box, click here.

"Once connected, no more to worry about! Besides being very small and easy to connect, the Go-box+ allows me to once again enjoy a foreign-language series on DVD together with my partner. Thanks to the wireless headset, I don't disturb my partner and the magnification is convenient for both of us."

- Ulla, Norway -

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