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Smiling young blind man


The ideal reading companion for audiobooks

"The most user-friendly DAISY player on the market. This device combines simplicity with powerful streaming capabilities, text-to-speech and audio playback, build-in help and online and offline reading."

1,000+ users every day.

5 buttons for simple use.

1,000,000+ online books to access.

The most
user-friendly audiobook player.

Our new Daisybox is ideally suited for people who enjoy listening to a spoken book, newspaper or magazine.
The large high contrast buttons and simple spoken menu make operation easy for everyone.

Visually challenged people easily find their way through the spoken menu and can use the Daisybox independently.

Blind man listening to audiobook with Daisybox
Daisybox packshot_audiobook player

Online bookshelf access

This DAISY player connects directly to the library making
the use of CDs unnecessary.
This gives you access to a
wealth of books, newspapers
and magazines anytime, anywhere. With one press of
the ON button you hear a spoken menu and with the other button you choose what you want
to listen to.

All you need is a DAISY library membership and an Internet connection. Using Wi-Fi or a wired Internet connection, you can listen to all your favorite (DAISY) books, magazines or newspapers anywhere in the house.

"Thanks to the Daisybox, CDs with daisy books are no longer needed. This simplifies the distribution of audiobooks for the visually impaired significantly."

- Daniel, export Sensotec

With Daisybox you'll keep on reading

Easy to use

  • Large tactile buttons

  • Spoken users manual

  • Built-in handle to cary the Daisybox anywhere


  • Large speaker for great listening comfort

  • Wireless listening anywhere

  • Remote control for all functions


  • Wi-Fi and wired Internet    connection

  • USB, SD and headset connection

  • Optional CD drive

Blind man using Daisybox audiobook player

The ideal
solution for ...


Visually impaired people

People with low vision and blind people can use the Daisybox smoothly. Thanks to the spoken menu, everyone finds their way through the simple menu.

This way they can enjoy a good book or stay connected to society by following the news in newspapers and magazines.


Distributors of assistive devices

Assistive device distributors will love this audiobookplayer, if they want to offer their customers a high-quality and accessible audiobookplayer that is ready for the future.

Thanks to the Daisybox's extremely easy access to online libraries, every customer will be convinced
of its added value.


Libraries all over
the world

Libraries around the world who want to offer their readers access to online Daisy books will find an ideal solution in this audiobook player. This way readers with visual impairments will be able to access the best of their library,  without the hassle of CD distribution.


Institutes and organizations for visually impaired people

Institutes and organizations for visually impaired people can offer their members the Daisybox through various formulas: On loan, through a rental system, on sale, as a test device,...

With the Daisybox, they can provide with confidence a quality device that allows their members to once again enjoy reading without disability.

I want to know everything about this fantastic device.

Send your contact info to our sales department and they will get in touch with you.

Thank you, our sales department will contact you shortly.

Woman showing Daisybox for audiobooks to blind man

How it works

Check this instruction video.

What it means
for users

Check this testimonial.

Frederic user of Daisybox for audiobooks


"I love reading books, but my eyes don't allow it anymore. That's why the Daisybox is my saving grace. I have my favorite audio books at my fingertips anytime, anywhere."

Cécile user of Daisybox for audiobooks


"Since my eye disease, I was no longer able to read my favorite weekly magazine. It was a great pity. Thanks to the Daisybox, I once again enjoy the intriguing articles every week."

Jasmin user of Daisybox for audiobooks


"The small print of the newspaper is no longer feasible for me. Too bad, because I like to follow the news. Thanks to the Daisybox, this is feasible again and I can catch up with my friends."

Get in touch today and get your Daisybox tomorrow!

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