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AudioSubs for broadcasters

Solution to vocalize subtitles on your broadcast

Sensotec helps broadcasters make broadcasts accessible to visually challenged and blind viewers around the world. This brings you one step closer to realizing the European Accessibility Directive, among others.


Sensotec AudioSubs provides real-time produced reliable and accurate spoken subtitles. Thanks to Sensotec AudioSubs technology, this happens automatically with every broadcast.

Offer reliable and accurate spoken subtitles.

Elderly woman watching tv


  • High accuracy: thanks to AI based OCR technology and an extensive database of characters.

  • Real-time transcription: No prior manual intervention required. Everything is done in real time.

  • Cost efficient because automated: no intervention by an individual is required.

Read below how

this works.

  • Synchronized audio: the spoken text is synchronized with the subtitles.

  • Comply with EU accessibility guidelines: The Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD - 2018).

  • Pleasant voices and diverse languages: select the desired voice to have the subtitles read aloud.

With AudioSubs you provide reliable and accurate
spoken subtitles to your users.


With Sensotec AudioSubs' AI-driven OCR technology, the subtitles are filtered out of the broadcast video in real time.


This information is then converted to speech with high accuracy and synchronized with the displaying of the subtitles.

This technology applies to a variety of languages and characters.

Our extensive database detects all characters and then converts them to spoken text.


As a result, we achieve an extremely high accuracy while the spoken text is clearly understandable by the listener.

Young man watching tv

As a result, they barely understand what is being said, are less engaged and stop watching television. This creates a sense of exclusion.


For them, the subtitles are not sufficiently distinguishable from the background and disappear too quickly to follow.


For visually challenged and blind people, spoken subtitles are the solution.


With Sensotec AudioSubs, Sensotec offers the technology to convert subtitles to spoken subtitles in real time.


Watching TV is a favorite pastime for many people. Watching a program, series or movie is part of a relaxing evening. Yet this is not feasible for everyone.


People with a visual challenge are confronted with subtitles they cannot read.

The result

Thanks to Sensotec AudioSubs technology, following a foreign-language program, series or movie becomes accessible again for visually challenged and blind people.


They can follow confortably thanks to the spoken subtitles. This is how Sensotec AudioSubs makes watching TV accessible again.

Please note: Sensotec AudioSubs concerns spoken TV subtitles, not an audio descriptive narration of what is happening in the scene (audio description).

Happy looking older couple looking tv
Visually impaired people
Visually impaired people
Visually impaired people

Who are we doing it for?

As the use of subtitles has expanded, consequently the applications of spoken subtitles are also expanding.

  • For the visually challenged and blind

  • For people with dyslexia

  • In case of double screen use where, for example, TV and smartphone are used at the same time

  • For better understanding of dialogue in live broadcasts or dialects

Our Customers

Our customers are broadcasters and cable distributors where subtitling is used to make

foreign-language content accessible to viewers.

A tailor-made solution is worked out together with the customer.

Our starting point is the existing infrastructure and technology. We add to this the hardware and software solution of Sensotec AudioSubs.

In case of a partnership, we start with an introductory meeting to map the needs and wishes.

Next, our technical experts will develop a proposal to identify the possibilities. Then there is an implementation and evaluation phase to launch Sensotec AudioSubs.

I want to know everything about this solution.

Send your contact info to our sales department and they will get in touch with you.

Thank you, the sales department will contact you shortly.

Professional close-up
Kathleen user of Sensotec solutions


"I love watching television, but my eye condition makes it impossible. Thanks to the AudioSubs solution, I can enjoy television anytime."

Clara user of Sensotec solutions


"Watching television is very challenging for me because I have dyslexia. Thanks to the AudioSubs solution, though, I can enjoy my favorite serie."

Rubenuser of Sensotec solutions


"I love following history programs. Thanks to the AudioSubs solution, I can maintain my knowledge anew."

Get in touch with our experts to talk about your project.

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