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Thanks to this simplified controller, specially developed by Sensotec, visually impaired students can easily manage the functions of their LVI AIR schoolsystem.

Simplified Controller for LVI AIR schoolsystems

Simplified version of the LVI controller

What is the simple controller?

This controller is designed to replace the Xbox controller of the LVI's school set without any modification to the device. 

Plug into a USB port and it’s ready to use. Unlike the Xbox controller, you do not need to turn it on.

The clarifying symbols on the controller allow both the student and the instructor to operate the controller easily.


This controller is the ideal tool to offer more independence to visually impaired students, enabling them to use their LVI school set more intuitively.

With the colored buttons, clarifing symbols and integrated joystick, students can use their device more easily than with the Xbox controller. 

Innovative solution

"Thanks to this simple controller, I can operate my screen magnifier more easily. It is also easier for my teacher to guide me in this, because the handy icons tell what each button is for."

- Emma, 10y

This simple controller
helps you in class

Easy to use

  • Clarifying icons

  • Featuring tactile buttons

  • Intuitive joystick

  • Bright colors


  • Set your favorite screen-positions

  • Set your ideal brightness

  • Each button corresponds to a specific function


What buttons and functions do we have ?


Joystick : Use it to move the camera. It is possible to operate gradually. A small movement causes the camera to move slowly. If you choose the outer limits then the camera moves at its fastest.

Black buttons marked 1,  2 & 3 : these buttons match the preferred positions of the remote camera. Press these briefly to recall them.

Bottom green button : allows the user to select the camera that will be controlled by the controller. The selected camera is surrounded by an orange border on the screen. Of course, it is only possible to select another camera if several image sources are available.

Top green button : Used to set the split screen if there are multiple image sources.

Red button : converts the image from color to black and white and vice versa.

White button : allows the user to set high contrast.

Yellow buttons : allow to zoom in and zoom out.

The ideal solution for ...


Visually impaired students

Students with low vision can use this simple controller easily. The clarifying icons help them understand the functions.



Distributors of assistive devices

Resellers of this simple controller offer their customers an easy to use controller for the LVI AIR schoolsystems.

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