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Visually impaired woman smiling at camera

voting with
the Stembox.


What is the Stembox?

Using the Stembox, the voting list can be listened to. The Stemmal then helps to color in the correct ballot.

This setup was born from a collaboration of Dutch companies and organizations.

Importance of accessible voting

Independent voting is quite a challenge for
the visually impaired. However, the importance of this for the visually impaired cannot be underestimated. It is an important form of independence and guarantees the secrecy
of their vote.

Accessible voting and
the United Nations

In 2016, the United Nations enacted an amendment to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities stating that every voter should be able to cast his/her vote independently. This emphasizes even more the importance of an accessible way to vote.

How does it work?

The voter takes the Stembox into the voting booth and listens to the names on the ballot.


Then the voter uses the Voting Template (Stemmal) to feel where the elected person is listed and colors the corresponding bullet. Accessible voting is that simple.

SoundBox_packshot and connectors

Collaborating partners

For the

Sensotec Delft

Tel: 015 – 62 59 55

For the


Blind man using soundbox to vote

How to prepare for election day as a municipalty?


Request a quote via and place an order.


Login to with voucher code in order confirmation.


Upload voter list(s) as soon as they are available in the OSV2020 software.


Order ballot templates via 


Check pronunciation of candidate names and correct if necessary.


Provide USB stick with one (or more) spoken voter lists or insert USB stick in Stembox.
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