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Sensotec and Eyesynth Unveil Revolutionary NIIRA Smart Glasses at SightCity (Frankfurt)

Updated: May 15

Press release: May 15, 2024, Delft, The Netherlands Sensotec, a leader in assistive technology, and Eyesynth, a pioneer in spatial audio solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to launch the NIIRA smart glasses. Designed to empower blind and visually impaired individuals, these glasses offer unprecedented freedom and mobility.

A New Era of Mobility for the Visually Impaired

The NIIRA glasses, showcased at the SightCity exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, mark a significant advancement in assistive technology. These sleek, lightweight glasses utilize advanced AI to convert visual information into intuitive auditory cues, allowing users to: 

  • Recognize Objects: Identify objects in their environment, enhancing spatial awareness.

  • Avoid Obstacles: Receive real-time audio alerts about potential hazards for safer navigation.

  • Move Freely: Navigate confidently with a newfound sense of independence.

Quotes from the Leaders 

"We've seen many attempts to bridge the visual and auditory worlds over the years," said Ivar Illing, Product Manager at Sensotec. "Experiencing NIIRA for the first time was truly amazing. This technology has the potential to transform how blind and visually impaired individuals interact with their surroundings."


Antonio Quesada, Founder and CEO of Eyesynth, added, "After extensive research and user testing, we have developed the NIIRA glasses to translate the visual world into intuitive, pleasant, and easily understandable audio cues, providing a high-quality, user-friendly mobility solution."

Woman showing NIIRA Glasses from the side
Woman showing NIIRA Glasses from the side

Key Features of NIIRA

NIIRA stands out with its unique capabilities:

  • 3D Perception: Users can discern shapes, spaces, and object depth with precision.

  • Natural and Intuitive Sound Language: The system uses a non-verbal, easy-to-learn sound language.

  • Bone Conduction Audio: This technology keeps ears free to maintain environmental awareness.

  • Long-lasting Battery: Provides up to 10 hours of continuous use.

  • Adaptable and Future-proof: accommodates individual needs and integrates with future AI powered software updates. 

"Experience a New World of Perception with NIIRA"



For more information on the availability and pricing of NIIRA glasses, please contact Sensotec. (

About Sensotec 

Sensotec, based in Belgium and the Netherlands, is a leading developer of assistive technology solutions dedicated to empowering individuals with visual challenges. Through innovative products and a commitment to user-centric design, Sensotec strives to create a more inclusive and accessible world. Visit Sensotec for more information.

About Eyesynth 

Eyesynth, a Spanish company, aims to improve the lives of the visually impaired worldwide through innovative, user-focused products. Learn more at Eyesynth.

Media Contact: 

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