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Seeing with sound

Experience the future of mobility

NIIRA opens up a world of possibilities for visually challenged and blind people. These high-tech glasses allow people with visual challenges to freely navigate their surroundings.  

Most importantly: You stay in control !

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What is "NIIRA"?

With NIIRA from Eyesynth you will be able to perceive by sound waves what the white cane or the dog does not allow: Aerial obstacles. Branches, awnings or elevated elements will be perceived up to five meters in advance.

Users can move around without bumping into objects because NIIRA's sound waves tell them exactly where they are. This makes it easier to walk on the street or locate objects in a
3-dimensional space.

Man holding child while using NIIRA Glasses
Woman using NIIRA Glasses outdour

Using a bone conduction audio system, the ears of visually challenged or blind people remain free. This allows them to hear everyday auditory messages as well. ​

With a bone conduction audio system. The audio is transmitted through the skull, reaching the cochlear nerve. In this way, the ear is free to hear the rest of everyday sounds.

And, just like that, we eliminate hearing stress, as we don’t use the eardrum to listen to NIIRA.

Innovative solution

Thanks to NIIRA glasses, I experience a freedom to move around that I no longer thought possible. The impact on my life is indescribable.

- Domingo, 56y

​The User can identify shapes and spaces: he is able to measure depth and locate objects with precision.

NIIRA in short 

Smart Glasses

Electronic glasses for blindness and low vision, with unique design and features.


Natural and Intuitive

No words are used. We use a sound language that is very (very) easy to learn. It is surprisingly natural.

It works in 3D


Bone Conduction Audio

Sound is transmitted through the skull, leaving your ears free to hear your surroundings.

Detail of NIIRA Glasses

Long battery life

The hardware has powerful performance and very low power consumption: up to ten hours of continuous operation.

2 Working modes

Panoramic view.png

With the Tracking Mode only the center of the image is analyzed.

You will have to turn your head sideways, like you turn the white cane.


This is the easiest mode.


Panoramic mode allows you to listen to the whole environment at once. You will perceive objects and free spaces to your right and left, in the background, and close to you. This mode is ideal for moving in the street. In addition, you can set various distances of use: from one to five meters. So, you can adjust them for when you are indoors or outdoors.

The ideal solution for ...


Visually impaired people

Both visually impaired and blind people can use the Niira. It gives them back their freedom to navigate independently.


Distributors of assistive devices

Resellers of the Niira offer their customers a mobility innovation as never seen before.

Older woman using NIIRA Glasses

Design Award 2024

Packshot of NIIRA Glasses - front view
Detail of NIIRA Glasses technology
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Detail of NIIRA Glasses - side view
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