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How iOS Users Benefit from my Board Buddy GO: Bringing Smartboard Access to the Visually Impaired

Updated: Jan 10

We are excited to share some groundbreaking news with you regarding my Board Buddy GO, a revolutionary solution designed to empower older students, visually impaired learners, and employees in the corporate sector to actively participate in lessons and meetings.

Many individuals with visual impairments often find it challenging to follow presentations on smartboards, leading to feelings of exclusion and a disconnect from the content being presented. Recognizing the need for an inclusive solution, my Board Buddy GO has emerged as a game-changer.

Girl is using my Board Buddy for accessing the smartboard

What is my Board Buddy GO?

My Board Buddy GO is a discreet tablet application that mirrors the content displayed on the smartboard directly onto the user's tablet. This breakthrough technology allows for content magnification and enhanced contrast without affecting the display on the smartboard.

Whether in an educational setting or a corporate environment, my Board Buddy GO provides a seamless way for learners and employees to actively engage in presentations, significantly improving their overall results and motivation.

Expanding Accessibility to iOS Devices

Following the successful launch of my Board Buddy GO as an Android app, we are thrilled to announce its availability on all iOS devices. This means that users with iPhones and iPads can now experience the benefits of my Board Buddy GO, making it even more accessible across various platforms.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Proximity to Content: Brings the smartboard experience closer to visually impaired learners or employees.

  • Discreet Tablet Use: Utilizes a discrete tablet, making it an incredibly user-friendly tool.

  • Wireless Connection: Establishes a wireless connection between the smartboard and the tablet.

  • Customizable Viewing: Allows for content enlargement and contrast adjustments via the touchscreen without impacting the smartboard display.

  • Compatibility with Videos: Supports the display of videos, enhancing multimedia learning experiences.

  • Quick Setup and Connection: Ensures a fast and efficient startup and connection process.

Find out how it works through this video.

With my Board Buddy GO, we aim to bridge the gap and create an inclusive environment where everyone can actively participate, regardless of their visual abilities.

For more information or to explore the features firsthand, visit our website or contact our team directly. Let's work together to make education and professional meetings more accessible for everyone!

Your contact person: Daniel Verdonck :

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