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my Board Buddy GO now on iOS

Older pupils and students with visual impairments, as well as employees in a company, want to participate in classes and meetings. Because of their low vision, they cannot follow the presentation on the smart board properly.

As a result, they drop out, feel left out and miss the content of the presentation. This undoubtedly has a negative impact on their results.

Things can be done more effectively!

Thanks to my Board Buddy GO, the content of the smartboard is displayed on the user's discrete tablet. This image can then be magnified or provided with better contrast without affecting the smartboard.

This allows the student or employee to fully participate in the presentation and will improve their results and motivation.

Following the successful launch of my Board Buddy GO as an Android app, my Board Buddy GO is now also available on all iOS-controlled mobile devices.

The benefits of my Board Buddy GO:

Brings the smartboard close to the visually impaired student or staff member

  • Uses a discrete tablet making the tool highly accessible

  • Wireless connection between the smartboard and tablet

  • Magnification and custom contrasts via touchscreen without impacting the smartboard

  • Also suitable for videos

  • Quick startup and connection

Find out how it works through this video.

Convinced that my Board Buddy GO is the solution for your customers? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to tell you more about it in a personal conversation.

Your contact person: Daniel Verdonck :

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